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We provide chiropractic therapy, treating high country locals, professional and Olympic Athletes as well as the many visitors Summit County welcomes yearly.


We offer massage therapy performed by some of the best therapists in Summit County. Choose the option to combine massage with chiropractic care, or choose to enjoy a massage on its own.

Hyperbaric Oygen Therapy

(HBOT) delivers an increased level of oxygen to the body’s organs in a pressurized environment. This increased access of oxygen to the cells can enhance a patient’s healing process and overall general health. Your source for oxygen in Breckenridge.

The compassion we witnessed from not only Dr. Hebert but residents of Breckenridge that were in the office at that time will leave a lasting impression on my wife and I…

Bryan Spriggs

Breckenridge Chiropractor Services For Your Health

Over 1/2 of all U.S. adults have
seen a chiropractor, and over 1/4
would choose chiropractic care 1st
for back or neck pain. Allied Chiropractic & Massage has your best treatment in mind. From chiropractic services, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and oxygen in Breckenridge.

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Whether chiropractic, massage or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we’ll get you feeling your best.


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We will continue to monitor and adjust our treatments to ensure you’re receiving the care you need.

"...we found a full appointment schedule, yet Dr. Hebert made a point to work my wife into his busy schedule to get her immediate care. Knowing we were from out of town and would not be continuous clients did not matter. He just wanted to help. Several of his patients saw the pain my wife was in and adjusted their appointments to allow Dr. Hebert to help her sooner. The compassion we witnessed from not only Dr. Hebert but residents of Breckenridge that were in the office at that time will leave a lasting impression on my wife and [me]..."

– Robert Waller

“Wow! I just can't say enough good things about Dr. Hebert and his staff. They were so kind to squeeze in this mangled Chiropractor after I had taken a bad fall the day before. Dr. Hebert's adjustment was just amazing! He definitely has the touch and is able to deliver a gentle yet powerful adjustment. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in town!!!"

– Dr Melissa Harmon

"I absolutely love coming in Allied for adjustments. The staff is great and really do their best to form a friendship with their patients. When Dr Hebert heard I was getting married he offered my fiancé and I free appointments the week of our wedding. That kind of service and care is rare these days and is very refreshing. Highly recommended!"

– Regall

"I have been going to Allied Chiropractic and Dr. Steve Hebert for over twenty years. Dr. Hebert's chiropractic techniques and abilities to heal and relieve pain are second to none. I'm certain that without Dr. Hebert's exceptional dedication, expertise and hard work over the year's that I would have (at a minimum) fallen prey multiple surgeries or worse (a wheelchair). I cannot stress strongly enough (five stars are way too few:) how much I recommend Allied Chiropractic and Dr. Hebert. And, now that Dr. Hebert has added a Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber to his healing arsenal he continues to make my life even better!"

-Andy Warholoski

"This is the best office I have ever been to for chiropractic work! Dr. Hebert is truly amazing and takes the time to listen and really works with you on your issues. I travel over an hour just to see him because of the care and treatment I receive and it is totally worth it!"

-Heather Halbritter


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